Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Catch the breeze and the Winter chills

So, roleplaying was very nearly cancelled yesterday, for which I blame the Wombat. But, it happened anyway, so he's forgiven.
We started off with our rather late return from hill cleansing. Ishie wandered off to the bathhouse, to check that the fish was alive and happy [it was, thank you Taniko]. While there, she was ambushed by Yogo Shigeri, who made some rather unpleasant insinuations that Ishie didn't totally understand, but comprehended that what she was saying was generally along the lines of "Your grandmother would approve. I might approve. But Kamenosuke? Such an honourable young man..." While that's probably not what she actually had in mind, it's what Ishie heard and it had the desired effect. She offered to help a little with Ishie's investigation into the elixir, in exchange for some information. Water kami are treacherous. However, it doesn't seem to have told her anything too damaging. Kamenosuke had been asked to try to smooth over a little bit of hostility between the Crane and Lion, in view of the fact that two of them are supposed to be getting married at some point. Ishie dutifully went and questioned Daichi, though without bothering to try and be tactful about it. Ishie knows where her strengths lie. Daichi knew who it was who really wanted the information and supplied it, in a resigned manner. Ishie and Kamenosuke then had tea with Sedami, who informed them that the scroll drying and unfolding was proceeding well. Kamenosuke then questioned her about what exactly the problem was, and how to best go about fixing it. He then spent the rest of the afternoon ensuring that there would be no problems. After Kamenosuke ensured that the rest of the magistrates [and Nagataka's students] were properly and appropriately dressed, the poetry evening commenced. Kamenosuke's attempts at fixing things seemed to work. Ishie particularly enjoyed Taniko's contribution, a poem about Koi. She suggested that the water kami might appreciate it, even if Taniko's father didn't. Apparently fish are very good conversationalists. After the poetry evening, Ishie met Shigeri in the bathhouse, where she related the acquired information and received some helpful hints in return... And the threat of Shigeri's continued acquaintance... This is why you should never help ronin.
Next week: an early morning duel!

Otherwise, not much has happened since yesterday. I woke up very early this morning, but didn't make it in to the seminar, due to some rather painful joints suggesting I needed more sleep. That didn't help, sadly. Ah well, yoga tonight.

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