Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Sneak Attack

I am at my parent's house, with puppies [but no glasses]. I was going to be very sneaky and not tell them that I was here, but then I phoned my mother...

Last night, there was a game. First there was a discussion about group communication [or lack thereof] and then we started playing. Nagataka and Yashamaru managed to discover a body 'buried' in the outhouse. The old lady admitted to murdering her husband and depositing him there. She had to be executed. Neko ["she's just a little girl"], who is not-like-people and may be some sort of spirit type, did not appreciate the bit where the old lady had to die. Unsurprisingly, Kamenosuke managed to talk her into acceptance. After the execution [and sending Sachio off with a report and to fetch someone to deal with the other dead body], we headed south, in pursuit of the evil-tainted-people. It was a short game.

This morning, I went to the rheumatologist. I was late, but only a little. Everything is better, except for a bit of inflammation in my left knee. Some things are a lot better, some are only a little better.

Now, food.

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phillygirl said...

glad to hear you're even a *little* better :)