Thursday, 13 March 2008


So, I appear to have forgotten about this. That's not entirely true, I just can't be bothered to post 'cause I have too many other things to do. So.... stuff has happened.

Button and I watched Ronin, it's a very good movie that doesn't involve any actual ronin at all. I enjoyed it, you should watch it. Except, of course, you probably already have since it's probably about as old as I am [or older, possibly, or younger, more likely].

There was a game, that was not a game. The four of us who were there ended up playing Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx for most of the evening.

There was also dinner with my parents. Mom and I had sushi. It was yummy. I think I ate more than I usually do, though it's hard to be sure.

Apparently I really have nothing to say. Mostly I've been working. There have been lots of tutorials and practicals that I've needed to prepare for, as well as preparing my presentation for ASAPA. On top of that there's actual work that needs doing.

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