Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I thought we were going to have a good day.

So, the past week has happened and I'm sure there's information that's vaguely interesting. Like the fact that first-year's are incapable of reading course outlines.

Last night there was a game. We didn't kill anyone this week. Ishie got to try out her grandmother's elixir. It was fascinating. I really need to find out what's in it and make some more. Very useful stuff when people are dying. And, even better, no one asked what was in it. Not that Ishie's even aware of all the ingredients, only the one that she provided. Yashamaru departed, in search of his uncle. The rest of us headed back to Breeze Through The Long Grass to see if we could get any information on the place we're trying to find. Hideo, or rather Waynnnnnnnnnnnnnne, put a very bad idea into my head - what would the elixir do if administered to a person already dead? This is why I need to make more - I already used a drop on a ronin, I'm not wasting the little I have on experimentation unless I can make more. Poor Kamenosuke, who has to try and stop me from turning into my grandmother. In other news, we had a meeting with Yumiko and will be having another meeting with Hiroshi and Sata to discuss important stuff, etc.

This morning I arrived to discover that my mesh was here and JL fixed the mill [apparently simply by being stronger than me, which I don't think is fair]. Of course, I still need to make the sieves. There's also the problem that Wendell is currently at the bottom of the mill, which is something I was hoping to avoid. We did a run-through of presentations for next week's conference. Well, me KK, PH and WB did. KK's is very straightforward, old-school archaeological stuff. I'm kind of jealous. PH's is just a shortened version of his earlier departmental presentation on his thesis [though he seemed to get almost all the same information across, possibly I was just filling in the blanks as a result of

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