Thursday, 14 February 2008


So last night, there was thunder and lightning and it was very exciting. I love thunderstorms. Sadly, it was also hot and instead of proper rain, there was just occasional drizzling. But, it was exciting nonetheless. Especially when I looked out of my window, noticed the lightning and went 'but where are the clouds?' I decided that they must be behind the building and sure enough, there they were.

I had Wombat to visit me last night, which was much fun and involved lots of talking, though more than I actually remember this morning. I also got to talk to Button twice, very exciting. The other thing that happened yesterday, was phone calls. First, my mother phoned me. This is not a surprising thing in any way. Then, MD phoned me, which was very surprising. I had to decline his offer due to social reservations. Then, an unidentified landline called me. I don't know who this person is and for some reason, I'm curious.

On Tuesday, there was rock-bashing and role-playing. The rock-bashing was not particularly exciting. The roleplaying is always exciting, even if I was finding it a little difficult to focus. We started, at the end of the duel, with Jirobei reacting in a less-than-useful manner. And then he decided to kill himself and we made no effort to stop him. Nagataka ensured that the body was properly disposed of, without any incident. The rest of us went to examine Jirobei's room. The only thing we found that was really of interest, was some more jade tea. We spoke to the servant, who provided us with interesting information.

And now, some defatting and then some rock-bashing.


Anonymous said...

The tapestry! The tapestry! That was also important! GRRRAAARRR!

And I wasn't there! :'(

akika said...

Yes, the Tapestry was very important. But like I said, I was distracted.