Thursday, 21 February 2008

This morning I discovered #claws, thanks to prodding by Confluence and links that work on my antiquated UCT computer from H*. I'm still getting used to it.

In other news, the rock-bashing is completed to the satisfaction of the senior rock-bashing guy, assuming that we're right about what's supposed to happen to the samples now. I have sent a query to Button.

The game happened on Tuesday. We started by setting off to question our friendly neighbourhood Tainted guy. We wanted to know just what exactly his ritual would entail. So we went to the village, to find the ronin who knew where he was. The ronin was pleasurably occupied, much to Kamenosuke's disappointment. He agreed to lead us to the friendly-Tainted-guy and so the next morning, we set off with horses and headed north. We got snowed on, the ronin was cranky and Kamenosuke and Ishie chatted about Keiko. When we reached our destination [after a brief kata-stop in the snow], we discovered that the cabin was lacking in horses. Then we discovered that the cabin was covered in blood. The kami didn't want to talk, though the others did. Evidence suggests that the two people with horses left at some point. 3 people with a prisoner [for lack of a better word] arrived, did nasty things to him [hence the blood, etc] and then left. And an undead horse was wandering around. Some hair indicates that the prisoner was a Crane who had redyed his hair. And we know that the thing that left the strange tracks is an undead horse because we are currently watching it approach us.

Tomorrow there is birthday celebrations, a tutor's meeting and an examination of MSA material for a different tut. This weekend there is silly-tutor's-workshop, JA movie-watching and the Return of the Button [we hope].

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