Monday, 18 February 2008

Stuff. And Things.

I am annoyed. I am annoyed because I had to wake up this morning, when all I wanted to do was sleep. I am annoyed because there were people on campus this morning, making my life difficult. I am annoyed because I'm supposed to be working and just can't bring myself to do it. I am annoyed because I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something important and I don't know what it is.

Button is of the impression that I'm suffering an overdose of ennui. Nothing is quite as captivating as it used to be, which is causing some problems. I keep hoping it'll go away, but that doesn't seem to be working. Currently, I'm hoping that since I'm about to get 300 times busier than I have been, it won't be a problem because there won't be time for it.

In other news, I missed the O-Week Party. I've never really been one for the O-Week Party, though I'm sure I've been once or twice. It would have been nice to go this year, I think. However, I was at my mother's party, which was lots of fun and involved actual food. And very nice food at that. There was dancing [and singing, though it was neither drunken nor for the general populace's amusement]. The dancing was both drunken and amusing. Particularly the Seagull [and the Mashed Potato? No other songs will do]. I had fun, and more importantly, I had Button, who came in from the field especially. Sunday saw a tea party with the family and much present opening. Of course, she has to wait for her actual birthday for some of her presents. Philly and Whatsit were down from Joburg for the celebrations and even stopped by to visit me yesterday evening.

Hmm... I also appear to be cranky. I'm currently attempting to not be offended by a number of things, but specifically:
Something H* said last week sometime, that was not offensive at the time and shouldn't be offensive now because I know exactly what he meant and why he said what he said.
The fact that Wombat keeps talking about things I don't understand [because that's an unusual occurrence].
Something Button said yesterday or Saturday, or whenever, which gets the same qualification as what H* said.
The fact that I have to work, which I don't want to do. This involves, photocopying an article for my supervisor, checking the fat content of Pig, rock-bashing and so on. None of which are what I want to be doing this morning. So now I'm going to go do them and see if I stop being cranky.


Lucas said...

i know it's the last thing you want to hear, but not enjoying things that you normally do is a symptom of depression. which is closely related to anxiety disorders, as they are both caused by the same sort of chemical imbalances. fortunately, being busy can be a very good cure for depression. so hopefully you brain sorts itself out

Anonymous said...

Yeah, life is pretty meh, but on the awesome side, I found some awesome music, it makes me happy, like cake does, and me being happy makes other people happy, so you must now be happy.

Otherwise my theory is falsified, and that will make me sad, and that won't make you happy, so you definitely want to be happy about my happiness. ^_^

Seriously though. Life is pretty dystopian if you think about it really.

Which is why I focus on things like cake and awesome musics. ^_^