Friday, 08 February 2008


Why, simply because parliament is being opened, does the government feel it's necessary to completely shut down access to town? Why do they feel the need to have police cars blocking every entrance and exit to UCT? And why, why, do they have to do it on the morning I have an appointment? So, my mother spent an hour in traffic, to get from Bergvliet to Newlands Avenue, where she was kicked off the highway. Having walked to this point from UCT, I could tell her that the quickest way to get where we were going, was to turn around immediately. When we were halfway to our destination, the receptionist called - could we come back in the [late] afternoon, as they were running so late due to the government's decision to force everyone travelling towards town onto the Main Road. So, I am now at my mother's house - missing my glasses and other belongings foolishly left behind at UCT. So much for spending a morning in the lab and getting home early. And why, do I not have a swimming costume that fits me at my parents house?

There's not much else to say beyond ranting about how the government has ruined my day. So I won't.


Lucas said...

grrrrrrrrr! my head, it almost asplode!

i got into work with a great and powerful desire to destroy something. now i am merely peeved

H* said...

During my brief stint at IOL I too experienced this crazy phenomenon. It's amusing to look back on (it's like having a maze to navigate on the way in to work) but I was frelling irritated at the time.

I suppose at least our politicians don't weld the manhole covers closed. :/