Thursday, 28 February 2008


So, this week has [mostly] happened. Tutorials began very early on Tuesday morning. Aside from the fact that the tutlings took forever to arrive and continued to arrive until the tutorial was nearly finished, it was all good. Of course, I've had to mark those, and be careful with the marking as the lecturer [who is otherwise very cool] seems to be under the impression that we must be super-nice to them and not hurt their little feelings. Everyone who handed in something reasonable will be getting full-marks for this assignment, even the ones who didn't really answer the question fully. The practical on Tuesday afternoon was better, at the very least, JS shares my opinions on marking.

In the evening, there was the game. Despite living around the corner, Lucas managed to be late. He did have a reason, though I'm yet to have an opinion on how reasonable it is. We defeated the undead horse, though there was still a bit of arguing as we tried to work out how to work the new combat system we made up. After that, the horse was eliminated, Yashamaru and Ishie set things alight and we argued a bit over where to go and what to do. Having decided what to do [and hence where to go] we set off. We managed to find a light as it began to get dark and we headed off in search of shelter. The crazy old lady and the cat/monkey child were very nice. Things went mostly well for the night. Hideo left Kamenosuke vulnerable and unprotected, but Ishie managed to get to him before anything untoward happened. Watches took place, which involved Nagataka sensing something, Ishie having a visitor and not much else.

Yesterday morning saw disaster strike. On arriving at the car, Button and I discovered that the one tyre was completely flat and the other partially flat. We tried to change the tyre, but the lift-car-up thingie wasn't very good and kept moving about. So, the nice man from the AA came and did it for us and then we took the car to get the tyres fixed. Apparently there was a nail in the one and absolutely nothing wrong with the other. I did make it to the tutor's meeting on time though. In the evening, there was roleplaying sushi. Or, there would have been if Wombat and Waynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne had showed up. As it was, it was vaguely roleplaying sushi. Regardless of anybody else, I had fun. I think everyone else did too. And the sushi was good.

Today, there has been a surprising lack of work. The freezer mill is finally dry, however, so hopefully there will be work tomorrow. On the plus side, all my first year tuts are marked. This morning was another disaster for poor Button. As we ran to catch the shuttle his glasses were dislodged and something crushed them so now he has no glasses :(

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Lucas said...

i notice there was no comment on the fact that the reason that i was late was there. yes there was some preoccupation, but that was going on all round

the almost roleplaying sushi was a lot of fun