Wednesday, 06 February 2008


So, time for a proper update, while I attempt to organise the first meeting of the Jane Austen Movie Club with AB.

Last Friday Button and I started our day off in a bit of a flutter. We were due to find out whether or not Button had been shortlisted for a Fulbright. And... he was. Needless to say, I was unsurprised. In the evening we went to A&A's wedding reception. It was cool. A insisted on doing all the food [he's a chef], it was yummy. Luckily it was all done before the power decided to switch off. I was the only female present who wasn't working [there were two others but they were helping with the food, etc]. I chatted to many interesting people and discovered many things. I spent a good long while talking to a [fairly young] guy who has metabolic arthritis [it's a really nasty form of gout].

Saturday started off mostly boring, with blood tests and a visit to the Optometrist. In the evening we joined a couple of other people at H* and Confluence's for anime watching. We started off by playing Zombie Fluxx. It was more fun than ordinary Fluxx, except for the bit where you had to make Zombie noises. I managed to get out of it everytime. I think that the people who noticed were kind enough to not point it out. We then watched what they believed to be the final 6 episodes of Ergo Proxy. Unfortunately it turned out that there were another 10 episodes after those. It was rather confusing at first [what isn't when you start in the middle?], but once I figured stuff out, it was quite fun. I particularly liked the girl with the purple eyes. She did remind me of NekoNinja a little.

I spent most of Sunday reading, something I haven't done for a long time. I finished the Black Magician Trilogy, which I borrowed from Lucas. I keep meaning to borrow a book from H*, but every time I've seen him since, I've forgotten to mention it.

On Monday I went to the rheumatologist, got new medication, had lunch with Button and attempted to write my abstract. We discovered that Button had been awarded a grant from PAST [the Palaeontological Scientific Trust]. Yesterday I spent most of my time in a drug-induced haze. Thankfully my body seems to have adjusted to the new medication and I can actually focus on things today.

Yesterday evening, there was a game. The magistrates met, to discuss the interrogation of Jirobei and their next step. We decided to have Kamenosuke testify on our behalf, that Jirobei had concealed his knowledge of maho, his taint and the death of the assassin from us. Before doing this, we needed to convey information to an irate Isawa Saigo and meet with Doji Hiroshi and Tonbo Sata. Unsurprisingly, the session ended with a duel between Kamenosuke and Jirobei. Kamenosuke won and Jirobei reacted badly...

Tonight, sushi!


Anonymous said...

Reacted badly you say? ho ho ho ho.

I think we all knew this was going to happen, I believe it's time to lay the smack on.

Sort of like buttering bread, only not quite.

Lucas said...

the ninja has also recently watched ergo proxy, and had promised to do her make up like that

if you are interested, once she has returned my discs, i can lend them to you as well. that way you can enjoy the entire thing. i must admit, that i was confused even though i had watched the whole thing, from start to finish