Thursday, 24 January 2008

taller than the universe

I'm in a surprisingly good mood this morning, though I think it could use some coke. On the other hand, being more awake is quite possibly going to lead to a less-than-happy mood. A very small amount of research tells me I'm updating less than once a week, but since I have very few things of interest to say, it doesn't matter. So, in this weeks news: Confluence's birthday; Nad's farewell; game stuff and, in that order too.

Confluence's birthday happened on Saturday. Well, it actually happened on Friday, but the celebrations were on Saturday. We were expecting to arrive late, but in fact were relatively early, as things go. I can't say I'm surprised, I can't even manage to be late when I'm actively trying. There were lots of people there and lots of food, though I don't think I ate very much. Overall it was fun, though by the time we left I was so tired I could barely stand up properly. And, just so you know, H* says I'm taller than the universe.

Nad's farewell was fun. Particularly since I did manage to be late for that [he didn't get around to smsing me the address until an hour or so before the event, by which time I'd managed to forget it was happening]. There were, again, lots of people there and I had great fun chatting with Amy1 about Jane Austen stuff and Amy2 about belly-dancing stuff. And then I spent a very long time talking to Confluence, H* and Wombat about a variety of things, mostly roleplaying. And I got to practice my deer-in-headlights look when Wombat asked for my opinion. At the party, I discovered that an unnamed someone has a blog that I'm not allowed to tell anyone about. So far I've managed that, but I'm not always very good with secrets.

Then there was the game, which was fun. Prior to our all arriving, H* had a nice long time-slice by himself, which had to do with a Crane meeting. Kamenosuke got lots of important stuff done and made Ishie very happy. Assuming of course that he told her that... it's hard to keep track, sometimes. There was a snowstorm, during which Ishie wrote a letter to her grandmother. Then the magistrates reconvened, discussed the possibility of there being more than one man hidden by the kami and generally arguing amongst themselves. Then Ishie's father arrived, which always upsets her. He gave her only partial information about something important, which always upsets her. While she was trying to work out how to say "I have to go find someone I don't know, and I'm not sure where to start looking", some Matsu knocked on the door with useful information. Everyone dressed as warmly as they could [except for Nagataka, which turned out to be a good idea on his part] and headed off to the inn, to obtain some more information. While the others dallied about generally annoying Ishie, she obtained the only useful information from the innkeeper and headed out to find the messenger. Once Hideo's uncle, Matsu Chizoku and Doji Harumi were located, the man was easy to find. Nagataka was attacked by his crazy sensei and then dove into the snow to locate the messenger. Once he was pulled out of the snowdrift [or had the snowdrift melted around him, as the case may be] he proceeded to taunt Ishie mercilessly. To be fair, he wasn't actually taunting her, she just wasn't being very rational or keeping track of what was actually going on very well. Then she read her message and hid the contents of the package and attempted to communicate as little as possible to Kamenosuke. One of the important pieces of information in the message related to Agasha Sosuke and the need for extra care to be taken by Ishie and as a result, by Kamenosuke. And then she spent a good long time debating what else she should tell him, or could tell him, without him deciding to kill her. She's probably overreacting, but she's not having a good day any more.

I nearly forgot, Button and I watched Kill Bill last night. I was very disappointed. I was cheated. Someone should've told me it was only half the movie. I know it's technically 'volume 1', but that didn't register, obviously. Aside from the fact that I was cheated out of half the movie, it was lots of fun.

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