Thursday, 31 January 2008

Still full of fat.

So, there was a game on Tuesday. First, however, there was a lengthy discussion on changes to just how everything is going to work. I think everything was sorted out and it's going to be quite fun [though very complicated for a while]. Then the game happened. In the evening, Kamenosuke had a chat with Ishie, in which she told him that Bayushi Yutaka [the Emerald Magistrate] and the previously Doji Sakue, are both honourless and evil. Well, maybe not evil, but certainly not to be trusted and not overly fond of Kamenosuke [which shows very poor judgement on their parts]. Before he wandered off in a dejected state, she showed him a small brown stone and asked for his assistance in curbing her curiousity. At least, the curiosity that may result in unnecessary practical trials. Particularly since [which she didn't mention] she'd be most tempted to try it out on someone else. She's lived with the rather annoying side-effect for a very long time now and would not like a double dose of it. Although, that may result in more useful information than the current side-effect is willing to give... Which is why Kamenosuke will be keeping an eye on her. While it's possible that his offer to safeguard it for [and from] her is a good idea, she is unwilling to contemplate what her grandmother would say if she found out that Kamenosuke knew of its existence [though no actual details about what it's for], never mind if she found out he was the one keeping it.
In the morning, Kamenosuke sent the rest of the magistrates a message, indicating that they should meet up at around lunchtime, and not disturbh im before then. This made Ishie very happy, as she wanted to go see the messenger, and she'd prefer to do it alone. Unfortunately, she met Nagataka on her way down to the village. He decided to accompany her to the Inn, but chose to instruct the peasants rather than listen to her conversation with the messenger. In the afternoon, the magistrates [excluding Yashamaru, who appeared to be wandering the void] had a meeting with Doji Jirobei, Akitaka and Yumiko. They being the guy we think is responsible for everything going on, his father and the woman currently in charge of the village. Jirobei denies everything, though with some obvious lies. Isawa Daichi was kind enough to testify, though he accused her of lying, which was very rude, since he's most untrustworthy. Now, we need to decide if we're going to accuse him or not... Either way, there is likely to be a duel between him and Kamenosuke - which could result in injury.

Aside from that... Not much has happened. Button and I watched the latest adaptation of Persuasion last night. It was most enjoyable, despite large changes from the book and being rather short. I did enjoy it, however. Also, I asked JS what she thought about all the fat still coming off Pig's ribs and she agreed it was an obscene amount [that's what you get for dealing with fresh bone!] and made some reccomendations. On the plus side, she's now aware of why I'm not milling.

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