Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Return of the Game

My computer is now working properly [thank you Lucas]. He also fixed my mouse and provided me with entertainment. He was rewarded by being allowed to experience the joys of defatting solution. I'm sure he is eternally grateful.

In other news, Button is still not home, but off in the desert somewhere having a wonderful time and lamenting my absence. As he should. I, on the other hand, have been working. Very hard at all sorts of things. As recently as Monday my supervisor said something along the lines of "No LN for two weeks? Why don't you write the first three chapters of your thesis." Yes. Well. She's not so completely unreasonable as to expect me to manage that in two weeks, but that's not really the point.

Last night there was a game. We were all present, we were all mostly on time. I was hoping to be the last to arrive, but it appears that unless I make a much more concerted effort, it will not happen. What happened? We had a recap of epic proportions that almost covered the entire game from the beginning. And would've, most likely, had Confluence not called us to order. We read a report from Masazumi. Kamenosuke got a letter from his brother and the magistrates got a letter from Mitsukuni detailing his displeasure at the goings on of the town in our absence, in less than so many words. Kamenosuke discovered an interesting feature to the scroll rack Masazumi had given us and we read the rest of the report. We were further interrupted by the presence of a ronin at the gate, asking for us. It was Kiyoko's tall, skinny friend, who doesn't like Ishie for some reason. He had a message for us, from his 'acquaintance'. Sachio appeared to be long-suffering and he certainly was after carrying messages back and forth from the village to us and spending large amounts of time drinking tea with the Tsumae guards. The simple version was that Isawa Hanchero wanted our help, if we'd be so kind as to promise him not to detain him without delay. After Hideo's concerns were overruled, a meeting was arranged for the next morning in a very private place due to Hanchero's 'current appearance'. A fact that did not fill anyone with joy. [For those of you who don't remember, Hanchero is a suspected maho user, on our most-wanted list]. The meeting took place and was decidedly uneventful. We discovered a lot of information, regarding Yashamaru's enemy [apparently Hanchero's enemy as well], the tainted coin I failed to mention previously and how, precisely to kill the oni.

All in all it was most enjoyable, though I could've done with more sleep. And now I'm trying to talk myself into going to the library and looking stuff up [I bought myself a pretty new file in preparation]. Possibly that won't happen today...

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Lucas said...

the pleasure was all mine, and i am, indeed, eternally grateful :}

but remember, my intentions weren't purely altruistic