Friday, 04 January 2008

New Year, Same People

So, it is now 2008. Isn't that exciting. Let's all get drunk to celebrate.

Before we go down the path to that particular rant, let's go down another. We could rant about this computer, and how completely worthless it is [what is the point, I ask you, of having a computer that barely works and an entire department dedicated to ensure that the computers are constantly messing things up?], or we could rant about any number of other things [I had a list of things that were annoying me, but I don't remember them anymore]. Lucas, however, has offered to come by this afternoon and make the computer work [I'm hoping this involves beating it with blunt objects, as I'd really like to].

So, there was Christmas - Button's parents have put a bunch of pictures that we sent them online [saves me the trouble!], so you can go look at them. At least you could if this equally worthless mouse would deign to work. It was fun and family-filled. Luckily there was a decided lack of baboons, which is always happy. There was swimming [no one caught me on camera though! hahaha!] and the generalness that is all holidays. Ah, there's one of my other rants - why on earth do people feel that just because it's a certain time of the year everyone has to be ecstatically happy all of the time or god help you, you're ruining everything. Hasn't anybody learnt that you might be on holiday but your emotions and hormones and so on are not?

Then, there was New Year's. I don't mind admitting that I find it to be a rather pointless holiday. Oh look, another excuse for everyone to get drunk. How exciting. I don't like drunk people.

At some point, there was an l5r dinner, with sushi made by Confluence [H* did as well, I think, I wasn't paying much attention to the actual proceedings]. It was very nice, except for one minor issue that lasted all evening. I must be getting more irritable in my old age as this particular element never really bothered me before.

There was supposed to be a meeting with [insert name here], to talk about LARP stuff - sadly we'd barely got through the exclamations over the house and the kittens before work intervened. I have, however, since discovered Google Docs and so we can collaborate happily over there. When we have internet access.

Button buggered off to Namibia with B. and I'm all alone for now. Theoretically this involves actually getting lots of work done. This is an interesting theory. Recently I've done a fair bit of work on the LARP and various other writings. I read some books, but for details you must go to the book review site.

There is some family news - Gummy is falling fast. This is depressing, but probably a good thing in the end [who would choose a long, drawn-out period of deterioration?]. TheOldMan has found a job. This is particularly exciting because it means they're taking me out to dinner tonight. The job sounds like any other accoutning job, but the company sounds like they're really nice and fun and what-have-you.


Anonymous said...


Like there were even many drunk people. I thought New Years was on the most part quite pleasant.


There was yummy cake!

It made up for the malice I was forced to endure.



akika said...

You are correct, overall New Year's was pleasant. That is because I choose not to be at the places that the drunk people will be at.
And you were ot the only one forced to endure malice. Which may have coloured my perception...