Wednesday, 16 January 2008


I am very close to deleting my facebook profile. The only thing it seems to do for me is cause annoyance. But this isn't the first time I've felt this way and most of the time I just ignore it, so it doesn't matter really.

In other news... Button came home. This made for a happy, though sandy, house. I skipped BT's birthday celebrations in favour of TheOldMan's birthday celebrations - and ended up at Beluga, which was her original plan. When I arrived home, there was Button. Aside from that, there has just been work, and last night's game.

We started with a discussion on mechanics and made a few changes. All bonuses/penalties are now 1, unless otherwise specified. We have honour [unsurprisingly, Kamenosuke's is highest]. No more xp without in-character training. And then we continued...
Ishie went wandering around the garden, looking for something in particular and making little rock-piles where she could [mental note: email confluence about this]. Kamenosuke spoke to Hideo, wrote some letters, had tea with Yeiji. Ishie was present for the last one and is satisfied with what was said. Yashamaru had a meeting with a nameless tainted person, that just about everyone else in the party knows the identity of and is pretending not to. His other efforts at communicating important matters to other people did not yield any results. Nagataka had an educational experience with the monk of the estate temple. Hideo did some training. In the evening, we met with Doji Akitaka about delicate matters. The results were less than satisfactory, but suggest that we are actually getting somewhere with this investigation. After dinner Nagataka met with Daichi to discuss the incredibly tainted coin, while Kamenosuke met with Keiko to discuss her incredibly nerve-wracking day tomorrow. Oh, and we also received a letter about something we already knew about, though it provided a little more detail on the matter.

Otherwise, I'm less cranky than I was when I woke up, which I can't help but feel is a step in the right direction.

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