Monday, 28 January 2008

Drowning in a sea of Fat.

My current sample is a cow, named Pig. This is not to say that I am finished with Wendell. Quite the opposite, in fact. But I am currently defatting Pig. I have been defatting Pig since before Christmas. Today, I put in some of Pig's femur to defat. Why? Because his [or her] rib is still full of fat. It just keeps dissolving out of the bone. I must admit myself surprised - I did not think that a rib would be so fatty. Otherwise, my trials continue. The mesh people have not responded, so I am unable to continue the attempted sieving of Wendell.

In other news... the weekend happened. I did indeed finish watching Kill Bill. It was not as good as the first movie [the decided lack of Lucy Liu was not an improvement], but it was still enjoyable and revealed much information. And the little girl was gorgeous. I did join Lucas et al. for the watching of FotR, or at least parts of it. Lucas had a theory on the information-extraction matter, though I forget what it was. It's not my fault, I was distracted by the NekoNinja, who is far more conventionally pretty than I was expecting. She's very nice, despite this fatal flaw. Button also had a theory on the matter, which has to do with the content of the information that one is attempting to extract. Essentially, if it's about me, I'm not going to tell you. If it's about anything else, then I will. However, since H* was managing to extract personal information, I'm not entirely sure how that applies.

Now that I've confused myself, on with the inventory. I abandoned my assessment of the NekoNinja, to go braai with a bunch of Button's friends. The puppies were gorgeous, the people not entirely unknown to me and some of them much fun to be with [or amusing, at any rate]. On Sunday, Button and I went shopping. This is partly because we are smart and know that the mall has air-conditioning, and partly because there was no food in the house. We also bought me a new swimming costume, as the clasp on my bikini top had snapped and was now useless. I managed reasonably well with an old bikini, but since the top is a little on the small side [or, really, far too small] it did not make for comfortable swimming and a new one was required. As this is not a bikini, it will enable me to do things like swim at the gym, as per the OT's instructions.

And, there was watermelon. I like watermelon.

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