Tuesday, 11 December 2007


So, on Friday I went to an undisclosed location with an undisclosed person for an undisclosed event. Neither of us made any undisclosed purchases at the time, though she may have since then and I may yet. There was a little bit of TMI, which I must admit usually doesn't bother me. This is partly because I'm nosy and partly because I'm very good at not thinking about things. Let's just hope that I can manage not to think about it when I next see undisclosed person's boyfriend. Hopefully the little bit of TMI that she got isn't too disturbing, and since I think her completely capable of working out who I meant... Hopefully the person that I meant never finds out what I said - I'd be in so much trouble.

On Saturday I went to yet another undisclosed location for yet another undisclosed event. I did not stay as long as I would've liked for undisclosed reasons, known only to myself, another undisclosed person and the undisclosed girl-in-pink. It was nice, however, to avoid further interaction with creepy-boy and disconcerting-girl. And, of course, this undisclosed person tried to kill himself. I'm afraid I wasn't very helpful, but I'm sure he'll forgive my inaction, given my state of mind at the time.

Well, that was fun, I almost confused myself. Hopefully tonight is not too awkward.

In other news, I have been working. I have done very little that isn't work. My report is coming along nicely. It's a pity about Wendell.


confluence said...


I don't know the exact identities of some of the undisclosed persons mentioned, and should I ever work them out for some reason, I assure you that I will never tell.

Certain other undisclosed persons have not yet made their undisclosed purchases, but did traverse a highly amusing undisclosed online shop.

I have made an observation about parties: I have previously been told that I unfairly judge people outside my usual social circles to be boring and not worth talking to. The problem is that when I meet random people outside my usual social circles at parties, I think I never encounter anyone I would like to talk to, because the kind of people I would like to talk to are (like me) not good at meeting new people at parties. They're probably the people hovering around and not talking to people. So we never intersect.

It's much easier to meet new people online, where you can broadcast your interests and see who's interested.

It would be cool to have a tag party, at which everyone writes their interests on a set of nametags and sticks them to their shirt.

akika said...

The undisclosed online shop has been causing me some concern - all my internet access is being monitored :(

I think the tag party is a great idea! There'd have to be a minimum number of interests though - like 5 or something - that you have to write down to give people something to work with.

Anonymous said...

this is an undisclosed comment

phillygirl said...

I think the Tag party sounds like a fab idea :) It would be a great way to start those initial discussions, I can see it now "So, your tag says you're also interested in the mating rituals of the lesser known Splintark" ... well, something like that anyway :)

Wendy said...

Wow, that's cryptic! I assume that you are talking about us, at the place with the things and if I was not there, I would have no idea what you are talking about!