Friday, 21 December 2007


Good Heavens. I turn around and the month disappears. It's quite disturbing. Now, before I get lost in trying to catalogue everything that's happened this month, I have a request for all the computery-types who read this. Will one of you please email me and say "this is why I think your reader might not be working and this is what you should do to fix it". That's Google Reader, for the record. It works fine at the museum. It works fine at my parents' house. But it will not open at uct, and I don't know why. Now since I'm rarely at my parents' house for the purposes of computery stuff and no longer at the museum, this is a problem.

Right, on with the catch-up... There was the undisclosed weekend, which I wrote about on a Tuesday. And there we told Waynnnnnnnnne that I put up a summary of the game after every game. Well, yes. But we never said I was particularly prompt about it. Anyway, as I recall ... not much happened. I think we argued a little over what our next step in the investigation should be. We reported to Doji Someone-Important [the guy we report to - I don't remember his name right now]. And I don't remember anything else... That was possibly the last game of the year. H* wandered off to France and, apparently, we're on the verge of really important stuff that we should all be there for. Since the only Tuesday left in the year is Christmas, we might be playing on another day, though that hasn't been organised yet. Oooh... we could play at miller's - won't that be fun?

Anyway, the next thing that happened was Button coming home. He went off to Wonderwerk [a cave near Kimberley] to do some field work. He was expecting to be inside the cave and instead was outside surveying most of the time. So he came home more than a little sunburnt. He also came home early due to a lack of work. Quite tragic, as I'm sure you can imagine. And, it involved sushi because we had to celebrate, after all.

Then it was Friday and my sister arrived. On Saturday, something happened. I don't remember what it was though. I get the feeling it was important, but I don't remember. Then, on Sunday, Phillygirl and I were due to head over to Riebeek West to visit Bandie and the Unmarried-son-in-law [that's my grandmother's unmarried son-in-law, if you're wondering]. Of course, it was pouring with rain here. So we phoned her up and it was pouring with rain there. Not exactly our idea of a good time, so we went shopping instead. Not really my idea of a good time, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. Sadly Christmas is one of those times. I did find one present and I got to see what we got for Mom [Philly did the purchasing on that one] - more importantly, I found a beautiful skirt for me! In the evening, Lucas was hosting some sort of social event, which I ended up declining. I'd had my fill of people for the day. And it turns out that it was the right decision - I was very sore that evening and that never makes for a fun time.

On Monday, I did as little as possible, except hanging out with Button and finishing up my report for JS. I met with her on Tuesday and gave her my report [which Button read and proclaimed not to understand a word of - hopefully it's merely assuming previous knowledge because the person I wrote it for knows about it, rather than a complete inability to explain things clearly on my part]. So, sieving Wendell with defatting solution didn't help, except for possibly destroying nylon and silicon as both my sieves are now broken. I'm waiting for the new year to get new mesh. Have you ever tried to find 10 micron nylon mesh? It's not that easy. Especially not when the people that it originally came from have been taken over by a bunch of morons with an outdated and completely useless website. Well, not completely useless as they had at least one helpful link, but that's not the point. Pig is busy defatting. I need to make some new defatting solution so that he can continue to defat. First, I need to find out what to do with the old defatting solution. Hopefully I'll be able to pin down IN today. Then, I'm going to ultrasonicate Pig, in the defatting solution. That'll be fun. I like to play with that machine. Also, FR [from Geology] is on leave until January sometime. So there will be no more LN ordered. The one tank is empty. The other tank is swiftly on its way to being empty. So, no lab work for me. On the other hand, my museum contract is not being renewed - due to a number of reasons that I'm not really interested in detailing here. So, I will have plenty of tiem for lab work next year. Let's hope I actually do some.

Then it was Wednesday, my last day at the museum, which I spent doing admin. Not a single skellie for me. I did meet Button for lunch at the nice little fish place. Which really needs to learn about things like cucumber and tartare sauce. Then, I took yesterday completely off and spent it doing more shopping. The first thing on my list of things to buy was medication. Then I went shopping for presents. Two very difficult presents. Which I eventually found. And that's me done for the year. No more shopping. Unless, of course, there's no food [like there's no milk at home right now] or I happen to see something that I like for me. I hate shopping for other people. Especially impossible people.

Now it is today and - oh look at that - more shopping. This is different though. I've been commissioned to buy something for Button and it's very simple. I barely have to leave my desk. Of course, I have to transport it home and magically wrap it without him noticing... And then, sometime this weekend, it's off to Miller's. I like to be at Miller's. And Miller's for christmas is my favourite.


Lucas said...

doji hiroshi, maybe? not to be confused with hiroji, or is it the other way around?

akika said...

I believe I did mean Doji Hiroshi. Hiroji being the gaki, who is thankfully not around anymore :)