Thursday, 22 November 2007

Under the Covers

So, yesterday was a bad day generally, which got progressively worse. This is not to say that the whole day was utterly horrendous, just most of it. I broke my phone yesterday and I'm not entirely sure how. So Button and I spent the morning trying to get it fixed. After going to the Waterfront, we found that we had to either send it to head office and only get it back on Saturday, or go to Canal Walk. So we went to Canal Walk, found the right person and it was done in 15 minutes. And then [seeing as how he's the guy who fixes things, not the salesperson] he nearly forgot that we were supposed to pay for this. Then we had breakfast.

Now, I am at varsity, trying to do some work. This is difficult for two reasons. One I need to talk to my supervisor and say "in the past couple of months I've sieved some of the powder, but really I haven't gotten anywhere with this bloody project" and I don't particularly want to do that. The other reason is that of all the things I could have forgotten this morning, I forgot my glasses. God forbid I forget something I don't actually need.

In other news: today is Thanksgiving in the US [Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October]. So, Button is attempting to make his first ever Thanksgiving dinner. And we've invited my mother...


phillygirl said...

Enjoy the turkey ;)

akika said...

we'll be having chicken, rather than turkey as the only ones available were either frozen [it takes 3 days to defrost] or cut up.