Thursday, 22 November 2007

Things To Do [in no particular order]:

  1. Never ever forget glasses ever again. Ever.
  2. Ensure the presence of headache medication just in case.
  3. Read GC's MA thesis.
  4. Type up relevant material from [3].
  5. Keep list of SAM-AP numbers from [3]. (That way I am doing both my MSc and my museum work at the same time. Sneaky.)
  6. Speak to JS about sieving/milling/defatting/samples/etc.
  7. Write up LARP stuff.
  8. Write up anything relevant from JS 1986.
  9. Do museum inventory stuff for JS 1986.
  10. Sieve, sieve, sieve.

So, in order to make some of these more doable:
  • there's nothing particularly relevant in JS 1986.
  • Any museum stuff has to wait until next Wednesday [they kicked us out of our offices today so that they could replace the flooring].
  • Having read bits and pieces here and there of GCMA over the past year, I'm pretty sure I don't need to know all the background information. I just need the relevant stuff. Which is Chapters 5-9. 5 = 30 pages. 6 = 17 pages. 7 = 9 pages. 8 = 62 pages. 9 = 10 pages. I should probably have a look at the appendices as well. So, I think that today I should get Chapter 5 read. Tomorrow I should write up anything relevant from it and read chapters 6 & 7. I want to finish reading it over the weekend and finish any associated writing on Monday, at the latest.
  • Sieving must happen as often as possible. More = better.
  • Talking to JS will happen whenever I happen to catch her in her office [or the passage, or the lab or ... anywhere, really].
  • The LARP stuff needs to be typed up and sent off to [insert name here] before I see her. Hopefully I'll not only get that done this weekend, but I'll also do more.
So, this list should get me through to Monday. At which time I can see how far I've gotten and whether or not this list was too challenging. In which case I know for next time. Theoretically.

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