Monday, 05 November 2007

some people are morons

So, my sister is the most religious of my family [though she may object to that, it's what I believe at this moment] - that doesn't make her very religious at all though. And for a long time now she's had a tagline on her blog that says "I believe in one god less than the christians". Obviously, someone that I'm not going to name ['cause that would just be meaner] felt she needed to be shown the 'true path' and sent her the following email:

Hello [akika's big sister],
You might remember me from [that high school that you went to]… I was in [very old ex-boyfriend]’s year. I think we might have met once or twice? I bumped into your blog via [very old ex-boyfriend]’s page…..and then I stumbled across your mail address on the [that high school that you went to] page. I was going to comment on your page but thought it better to mail you..
I see you believe in one less God than Christians… I believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit… which 2 do you believe in? Just kidding!!
Anyway on a serious note when I read that under your profile I felt the Lord say that although you don’t believe in Him, He believes in you, that He has purpose and plans for you beyond anything you could hope or dream of, that the sense of awe you get when in His creation is same sense you will get as you see your destiny in Him unfold.
It’s up to you. He is waiting. You need to choose Him. You have thought about and understood the gospel (an intimate relationship with Jesus as He washes away your sin and gives you His right standing with God) in the past but I believe He wants to drop it into your heart and then you will really know it.
I also feel God saying that people have always recognized your intellect and academic ability but He sees you heart and your longing for purpose and meaning beyond the “rat race”. He has that for you.
Ok. That’s my bit. Feel free not to reply. Hope the whole house thing works out for you!

[religious moron]

So, naturally my sister responded, and since I saw that too, all I'm going to say is - wow! She's a lot politer than I would've been. Of course, there was the amusing incident with the Lying Pilot. An ex-boyfriend of hers who left her because of, among other things, her sister's inferior height. That would be my height, if you're wondering [between 4'11" and 5' - 1.5m]. And then he went off and married some other girl he'd been cultivating, who had a lot of money. She's much happier without him, though sometimes it's hard to tell, since she lives in Joburg. Anyway, Button and I were at the waterfront once and saw him, since he looked straight at me, seemed to know who I was and then pretended not to see me I proceeded to say very loudly "That's my sister's ex-boyfriend, the one who left her 'cause he didn't want kids as short as me. He ran off and married some girl with lots of money. That must be his new wife."
I'm sure at least some of you are shocked. He blithely ignored me, I don't think his wife understood, though it was very clear I was talking about him as I was glaring at him the whole time [and I may have pointed ... I'm not exactly nice about some things]. Button was horrified and so were my family when he told them.

Anyway, my point before I got distracted by the story of the Lying Pilot, is that if you're going to be religious, go be religious. If you want to convert people, convert them by the power of example, not by worthless platitudes that are only relevant because you know absolutely nothing about the person in question. And for god's sake, if 'the Lord' is saying things to you, I suggest you seek psychological help!
[Edit: for the record, I meant to mention that the gentleman in question ... I think I'll name him Religious Moron, was reasonably well known at school and not for his religious beliefs.]

On to actual posting - I seem to be missing the post where I said "'character creation happened at the end of October and we started playing in the first week of November" ... possibly it exists only in my head. It wouldn't surprise me.

Anyway, Friday happened. Button and I went to Andiamo in the Cape Quarter for supper, it was very yummy. We then watched a very silly movie from the 70s, Murder by Death it was a most enjoyable send-up of the murder-mystery genre. Saturday morning saw blood tests - which I hate, but it's important to be sure that my liver is not taking horrendous strain due to my medication. It was okay, clearly the people who staff Pathcare in Sea Point are qualified and know how to do it so that it doesn't cause tremendous pain. I know where I'm getting my blood tests done in future! We then went to New York Bagel for breakfast - it was a bit odd for me [why they hid the syrup, I don't understand], but delightful.

On our walk back to the car, we saw a branch of Cafda, who I adore, so in we went. And what do you know, we came out with books! Most of which are already finished. There were four volumes of the Agatha Christie Crime Collection, containing 3 novels each and a copy of Little Men. Then we investigated the Chinese grocery in Sea Point, to find out if it was really worth the drive out to Paarden Eiland. The Sea Point one is just as good. In the evening we watched a delightfully slow movie from Korea, called Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter ... and Spring.

This morning I went to see my rheumatologist. Things are looking good, though he's upped my medication ever so slightly. And now I'm trying not to face the fact that the mill needs to be cleaned.


confluence said...

Lol, nutcases!

This reminds me of a dude (who I think was connected to the UCT Hare Krishna society, which calls itself a yoga society) who accosted me during a long-ago orientation week (I think I was manning the stand of an abortive atheist and skeptic magazine [1]), and yakked at me for over half an hour while I made polite noises and mostly ignored him [2]. One of the first things he said was that he could just *tell* that I was a "deeply spiritual person". Me: "Ahahaha, no. You are mistaken."

(Maybe I'm conflating him with another guy who thought that CLAWs was a religious society and tried to talk to us about our devotion to the Earth Goddess. Fun times.)

Religious fruit loops of all flavours are always eager to inform you that deep down inside you are unhappy about your life, which is shallow and unfulfilling, and want "something more". Of course, by happy co-incidence, they (and only they) can provide you with that elusive missing piece.

I think that people who believe in an afterlife undervalue human achievement in the real world, and are more likely to see the pursuit of such achievement to be frivolous and meaningless.

[1] Razor, which died without ever producing an issue because most atheists and skeptics aren't zealous enough about their unbelief to sing about it while playing guitars or put any other actual work into promoting it. I'm including myself. :D

[2] In retrospect, I should probably have told him to sod off.

akika said...

Regardless of which event it happened to be, I think 'sod off' would've been the appropriate response. I have no problem with people being religious. I don't even have a problem with them believing that I'm unhappy, unfulfilled or even in need of their particular brand of craziness. Just so long as they don't tell me about it.
Although, you know, the Caretaker [or Nad, I haven't really decided yet] can be rather zealous about converting people to atheism.

Caretaker [or Nad] said...

Hmmm. I have to admit that the whole conversion thing is a rather sticky place, I tend to want to take a shower after going in that direction (obviously cause that's what "they" do).

I really prefer to conceal my agenda behind a screen of "fostering understanding through discourse".

The most convincing argument for converting individuals to atheism is: "If somebody thinks that Pi=4, don't you feel compelled to correct them?". I still maintain that the problem with religiots is that they're never really confronted by differing opinions. They assume that an absence of dissent constitutes consent that they are universally correct. I just like to expose them to the idea that people do exist that don't agree with them. It just opens their eyes a little.

phillygirl said...

Thanks for the vicarious rant peeby ;) I'll get round to it on my blog too ... once the drama is over. I'm still waiting to see if he replies to my "Thanks for your concern, but it is unwarranted." response.

When I've posted my version, I'll comment the link here ... since you seem to have a lot of like-minded people commenting (ps. caretaker, I love your Pi comment!)

For those of you who are interested in an atheist's argument against religion, check out my friend Jarred's "Opinions to Offend"

TheOldMan said...

Which of your family was horrified at your comments? I thought it was great!

akika said...

uh ... phil? mom? where were you for this conversation? I also thought they were surprised. button was horrified but not surprised.

phillygirl said...

@akika - to be fair, I only heard about the incident long after it actually happened ... and I had a good laugh. I think Mom was just surprised that such a cutting comment had come from her sweet younger daughter ;)