Thursday, 08 November 2007

ready to go

So, Button and I spent a rather stressful evening last night packing for the trip. We won't be going home again until Tuesday. As a result a number of things didn't happen - I did not phone my grandfather for his birthday [by the time I got time to do it, it was too late], I did not organise photos for uploading [though Button's computer is going with us and there are some on there...] and we did not go to yoga.

Anyway, I hear that two new people have been sent this way. MF, my father's cousin [I think] and AB, who is not related but may as well be. Hopefully they won't be too discouraged by all the meaningless gibberish that seems to be scattered over my blog [at least, meaningless from the point of view of people who don't understand it] and will learn to just skip over any paragraphs that contain the word 'game', which is what my mother assures me she does. At least, when she actually reads my blog and doesn't just have TheOldMan tell her what I said.

Now, since I meant to phone MF and tell her about it [but didn't because I don't have her phone number and am just really bad when it comes to phoning people], I shall now give you an account of my second visit to the OT. She examined me fairly thoroughly [she skipped over some things as I'd just seen the rheumatologist the day before] and declared that I have full range of movement in everything and have no need of any more assistive devices. Her greatest concern is the fatigue and she gave us a number of suggestions of things to do to combat that. Even going so far as to say "and if you feel you need to, just take a nap". Yes. Something to do in the middle of my roleplaying game, certainly, we wouldn't wish to deprive That Cat of another chance to eat me. Although, the only time I've ever fallen asleep at their house [I don't know what you're talking about, I was reading the whole time, I swear!] the cat in question did not attempt to eat me, but to cuddle up to me. Though I suspect she was more interested in the heating pad than in me.

So, important things to remember are sushi tonight [unagi for meeeeeeeeeeeee!], and waking up at some horrendous hour to head off to the eastern cape tomorrow. I'm so excited!


phillygirl said...

Don't worry, Mom ... I skip over those sections too ;)

phillygirl said...

Oh, and See You Tomorrow :) Equally excited! Hope I don't forget to pack your pressie ;)

akika said...

How rude! You should be absorbing the knowledge that is contained in those paragraphs for future reference!
And if you forget my present, I'm sending you straight back to Joburg to get it.

Lucas said...

i think someone might notice if we both fell asleep, so we will have to take turns

also, i'm pretty sure that the cat wasn't trying to eat you. maybe just nibble on you a bit

akika said...

Well, I slept through part of last night's game [both in the car and at home, assuming you played reasonably late], so it's your turn next week.
And yes, actually, the cat was trying to eat me. I could see it in her eyes.