Wednesday, 07 November 2007

Goodbye Mountain

I can usually see the mountain [well, signal hill] through my [very small] window at the museum. Most of it is obscured by a rather low raincloud today, which is kind of depressing, even though I like rainy weather. For some reason I don't feel like working today and yet am getting what seems like enormous amounts of the stuff done [not right at this minute, of course, but one does need breaks every now and then].

I'm quite excited. Button and I are having sushi at the Sake House with mom and dad tomorrow night [which reminds me, I must phone mom - why she insists on calling on Tuesday evenings is beyond me], then we're going to sleep at their house. Briefly. We leave early Friday morning for the Eastern Cape. It's very exciting. We're going to meet Phillydilly and Whatsit at some place near a beach. And we're only coming back on Tuesday... hmm... that might be problematic. Anyway, regardless of whether or not it affects next week's game, it's exciting!

Speaking of games, there was one last night. It was very exciting, as we were beginning the investigation of Doji Masazumi's murder. I'm sorry to say that Ishie was rather useless ... though I suspect that was more due to the fact that I was exhausted and having trouble focusing rather than Ishie actually being useless. She and Yashamaru did interrogate some Tsumae guards. Well, Yashamaru questioned them, while Ishie made sure they weren't lying or omitting important information. She mentally bonded with whatever the female guard's name was. Otherwise, the game was quite fun as it involved examining the crime scene, discovering secret passages, interrogating people and generally splitting up the party for most of the evening. And for a change, Ishie and Yashamaru were left alone and didn't spend the whole time insulting each other. In fact, Yashamaru even helped Ishie to cast the spell in question, which shows that all shugenja can get along, no matter what, as long as only shugenja are around. Or something.

Yesterday was the 6th of November. Something [that was] important [at the time] happened on the 6th of November. And I got an sms from an unknown number saying "happy 6th november" which confused me greatly. I eventually worked out that it was from Tiina Napoleon, through the simple method of examining my address book for rarely used numbers that aren't stored in my phone. And then I sat there and stared at my phone, confused. What could she mean? And then it hit me and I spent the entire drive to the game laughing. It was most amusing to me, particularly given the length of time it took me to work out what it was...

And now I've run out of things to say, which is a pity as it means I must go back to work.

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Lucas said...

i have a suspicion that yashamaru is a shugenja first, and a dragon second. which means that when doing kami related things, and magistrate type things i guess, the family differences are put aside. that doesn't mean that he has completely forgotten what you traitors did, just that he isn't thinking about it at the time. admittedly when the kami are involved, there is very little that can distract him