Wednesday, 14 November 2007


So, there was yummy unagi on Thursday. It was good. There should be more. Perhaps Button and I shall obtain some in honour of my oldness.

We woke up horrendously early on Friday morning [though not quite so much as Philly and Whatsit] and then I slept until we got to Riviersonderend. And we drove and we drove and we drove. And then, approximately 12 hours after we started, we stopped. We had arrived in the middle of nowhere, in the Eastern Cape. The Eastern Cape is very pretty and now I've seen Port Elizabeth, East London and Port Alfred. We saw monkeys on the drive up and on the drive down. There was lots of livestock. We also saw some buck and ostriches and so on.

Anyway, Cintsa is a lovely place, on the sea and a lagoon. It was very windy, but quite lovely. I went swimming on Monday, which was a bit of an experience. Usually sea-swimming involves being at Miller's. It does not involve a sandy beach with waves. It was fun, though, and not particularly cold except for the getting in and out. The house we stayed in was enormous and had a lovely view.

Yesterday, we drove home. We left at a reasonable hour, which meant that we got home fairly late. In fact, after all was said and done and moved from car to car and so on, Button and I got home - exhausted - just after nine. So no game for me. Hopefully nothing dire happened to Ishie in my absence... It's unlikely, but you never know with Confluence.

And now, it's back to the grindstone, with nothing but work before me for the next few days. And then it's weekend. And, on Sunday, it's my birthday party, very exciting. I hope the weather's nice - it's pouring with rain at the moment...


confluence said...

Nothing dire happened -- you just had a monster headache; you probably got it from delving too deeply into certain guards' brains.

(Or did you?! *ominous sounds*)

Lucas said...

kamenosuke was worried that you might not approve of something he may feel that he has to do, but i will let him tell you about that

there was also a near repeat of the unpleasantness that he felt that i caused around the whole kazushi thing. i decided that i would stop talking at that point, before i put my foot in it