Monday, 15 October 2007


So, on Friday progress was made. Also, a bunch of people I know went to see Stardust. Button and I did not join them - we went out to celebrate a few things. In the end, I was very glad that we didn't go to the movie. Firstly, I was my cousin, Shaun, at the Waterfront. This was quite shocking as no-one knew he was down here. Secondly, I bought a very nice book [review here] and ... could barely walk. Button carried me from the car to our door. It was most unfortunate. At least it's never happened before.

On Saturday, I did lots of chemistry. Not enough, but lots. I took myself for a walk to the waterfront, for absolutely no reason whatsoever... And in the evening, there was a LARP. Opera, Opera, run by Jo, Jessica, Eckhard and Philip, with one DM's-husband running around for good measure. I came very close to achieving all my goals, and the final one will happen soonish. The LARP was fantastic and I thought everyone was well-cast and all seemed to enjoy it...

Yesterday... nothing happened. And now I'm trying to do ten million things at once.

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