Thursday, 18 October 2007

the week got away from me

So... it's magically Thursday already. This is problematic as I have a chemistry test early tomorrow morning that I'm not nearly prepared enough for. Mental note: pack calculator. On the whole my chemistry mark so far is fine, and this course is not particularly important to me overall. Wendell continues to filter slowly through the sieve. This makes me happy. He needs a little more milling, which will happen tomorrow, but that really should be enough. I hope.

Yesterday Button and I went out to celebrate the number 15, which was Monday. We went to Willoughby's, at the waterfront after yoga. Yoga was okay - I saw DO there, who I was friends with at school, and who I haven't seen in absolute ages! I was very surprised to see her because as far as I was aware, she was overseas. Unfortunately she had to leave before the end of class so I didn't really get to chat to her. Then it was off to the waterfront for a celebratory supper. Unagi for meeeeeeeeeeee! I love dragon rolls. We looked around at exclusive books for a while. Didn't buy anything, which is good.

The day before, was Tuesday. Which means roleplaying! It was good. I very nearly left Kamenosuke to his own devices. And, really, aside from giving Yeiji a couple of pointed looks [particularly when she started bringing up the Fortune of Marriage], I wasn't overly antagonistic. I spent most of the dinner discussing magical theory with Yashamaru. After dinner, we had to rush to the aid of a couple of drunk Tsumae, who were about to be duelling the ronin Ichiro [I think - it's hard to keep all the names straight sometimes]. We managed to save the one boy, while getting the other boy into what could be described as more trouble, without it actually being our fault. I also [finally] drew Ishie's tattoo. Of course, I will at some point post it up here. Once I get around to it one day soon...

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