Monday, 29 October 2007

Things I like

It has occurred to me [about 5 seconds ago, or so] that the list of things that I like to do is steadily growing. One of the things on that list is unagi! I really like unagi, I even like unagi when it's not perfect-unagi-just-the-way-I-really-really-like-it. Like the unagi we had last night at Beluga. I say 'we', but I mean 'me' 'cause I didn't share it with Button. Overall I found the Beluga sushi rather substandard, though very cheap. The most important thing, however, was that the company was good. And entertaining. This is particularly important since we were there to celebrate Wombat's birthday. Who I'm tempted to start calling Bunnygirl.

But I digress, the point about my list of things I like to do is that roleplaying is currently at the top of it. Why is that? As you all know, my game is not until tomorrow. But I had a rather vivid dream last night, which I blame H* for entirely. Entirely! You see, a good long while ago [time is fuzzy], he and I had a conversation that went something like this:
H*: I'd like to have an opportunity for Kamenosuke to explore the link between him and Ishie.
me: That sounds like fun, we should mention this to Confluence
H*: we should
[luckily, he didn't, since I suspect he was sitting right next to her at the time]
me: of course, this will result in her causing bad things to happen to Ishie...
Neither of us particularly liked that idea, so we didn't mention it to Confluence, so she couldn't come up with evil-dm-ness on that topic. Somehow, that resulted in my dream last night, which I'm not going to provide anyone with any details of, particularly not Confluence.

Also, on my list of favourite things to do is spending time at Miller's. So Button and I wandered down there after his meeting on Saturday. Yes ... Miller's ... just the place for a nice, happy, relaxing time. Really. We arrived before it got dark. From the top of the stairs I could tell that someone had taken a crowbar to the door. The door was still locked and unopened and none of the windows were broken. A reasonably good sign. So in we go and nothing's missing, broken or particularly disturbed. There is a rather distrbing rattling sound, that seems to be coming from the roof. So Button climbs up and investigates and finds that one of the skylights is very close to falling out. While on the phone with mom to find out if this is recent damage [as in someone trying to get in, or not] a particularly strong gust of wind comes by and the window rattles, partially bends and breaks. Luckily just the corner came off and the whole thing didn't shatter. So Button wedged the window in so that it hopefully wouldn't shatter during the night and we'd worry about fixing it in the morning.
So, we go to bed eventually and about 3 in the morning, Button is woken up by a crashing sound, followed by rustling. He attempts to put this down to the wind, and goes to investigate. He doesn't seem to find anything, but I have more experience and know precisely what I'm looking for. Sure enough, the bread is missing. And yes, it is just where I thought it would be - in the place where the civet cat used to live. Apparently there's a wild cat living in the house again. The next morning sees a number of food items missing, or, rather, scattered across the floor. Later, I was on baboon-watch - they'd been sighted and we were a bit worried that they'd get on the roof, pull on the broken window and find their way in. Not that there was any food lying around, but that's not the point. So I'm sitting by the glass doors keeping half an eye on the outside world, as the baboons seem to have disappeared. Eventually I look up and there is Fred walking along, eyeing me. And then he stood up and tried to open the door. Luckily Button and I are sensible people who locked said door when the baboons were first sighted. He couldn't get in, so he wandered off. And luckily didn't decide to go wandering along the roof.

And now I was distracted by 'tea with the dean' ... only, the dean didn't show up because the faculty office screwed up somehow. So that's been postponed. But I have something else to say. More of a question to pose, actually.
What do people see, when they look at me? More specifically, why do people who recognise me and are quite happy to say hello and so on have so much trouble acknowledging me when they see me walking with a stick? What is it that they see?


phillygirl said...

Well, I can only try to answer your question ... people are probably trying to treat you like normal by ignoring your stick, and mebbe you along with it because they don't want to acknowledge the new addition in case you don't want to talk about it. I guess?

I mean if you had a cast on your foot or something, everyone would just be normal, cause they'd understand why it was there. But people get weird when things are not completely obvious.

It's like how do you tell someone that you noticed they cut their hair if you hate their new haircut ... instead you just don't mention it at all.

I promise to say Hi when I see you next ;)

akika said...

well, ignoring the stick is one thing, but ignoring me just because I've got it is another.
But I'm glad to hear you're not going to ignore me, or go all emo on me or something horrendous.
You know, when this came through in my email, it said 'if you had a cat on your foot' and I was kind of confused by your choice of analogy.