Friday, 12 October 2007


Yay! Thank you Susan Bourne and Judy Sealy! With the suggestion of "put a tiny amount of powder in the sieve" and "use the squeeze bottle, but don't leave the acetone in it and let it air dry between uses", Wendell has begun to go through the sieve! Celebrations all round! Thank you also to Neil Ravenscroft [also of the chemistry department] for taking the time to show me scifinder scholar and pubmed, so that I know now that my celebrex and methotrexate won't interfere with each other. More importantly, I know how to do it now, so I can check up on all those other things I take [or will end up taking in the future...]
Also, not so nauseous this morning. Still a bit nauseous, but it's better when I eat and so on...
So I am feeling happy. I don't have anything else to say, but yay! Happiness!

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phillygirl said...

hey peeble, glad you're feeling better!