Friday, 26 October 2007

more on other people's blogs

So, I have made some adjustments to the list of blogs that I link to. Some have gone because they never update, new ones have appeared. The ones that have appeared are here courtesy of Confluence [I will get the hang of this not-using-people's-real-names thing] who is a wealth of wonderful links. Now if only she would post them on her blog or something, so that we could still find them after she's changed her status message. Anyway, in an effort to find some more interesting stuff, which I won't be linking to until I'm sure I actually really like them, I went trawling through the blogs here - just clicking on 'next blog' over and over again...

What I don't understand is all the 'money-making' or other business related blogs. Who on earth reads them? And all those ones with naked women plastered all over them? While I'm sure there's a market for it, can't they be a little more discreet? I have no problem with nudity in general, I have a problem with seeing pictures of nearly completely naked women that probably aren't real when I'm looking for something else. Either way, I quickly learnt that if the 'title' came up as just a number, go backwards quickly. Or, for that matter if the first thing to come up was some adverts pertaining to adult entertainment ... mostly because none of them have the little 'next blog' link. Most frustrating. There are also a lot of blogs that look quite fascinating, but are in other languages, so I can't understand them... and I've never been good at learning languages, so probably I'll never be able to understand them. And what, I ask you, is the point of a blog where all you do is advertise how much of a 'tortured genius' you are. Or how 'feminine' you are. Online quizzes can be fun, but is it really necessary to create a blog dedicated to all the quizzes you take?

In other news, there was unagi last night. Button and I went all the way around the corner to Benkei sushi. It wasn't quite as brilliant as Willoughby's and Sake House, but you could make the argument that I'm biased by the way in which they make their unagi. Also, Benkei is more expensive. But it was good all the same, we got the little unagi roll, a california roll and a Geisha B roll. The unagi was good, but not the way I like it best. I don't like california rolls, I've decided. The Geisha B was okay - it was kind of like a rainbow roll in that the top was alternating tuna and prawn. And there the similarity ended. I quite like rainbow rolls, actually. Just the bits with tuna, though. I wasn't so fond of the prawn-topped bits of the Geisha B roll either. I guess I just like tuna.

Also happening last night - we cleaned the house! Well, mostly Button cleaned the house and I stood around trying to help. But since it's been a good long while since we've managed to do more than just tidy, it makes for a happy house :)

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confluence said...

I'm not consistent in use of pseudonyms. If you occasionally use my real first name, I don't mind; my pseudonym is not exactly the most cunning and foolproof online disguise evar. ;)

I've been thinking of adding a "recent stuff I found on the internet" widget to my blog. It would mean updating two places rather than one. But maybe I can find something that harvests gmail statuses.