Monday, 08 October 2007

Monday, monday

[Linda, Linda, Linda-a?]

So, the weekend happened. It was fun. On Friday night, Button and I went shopping [I needed a new pill case, among other things] and we went to see TMNT. It was most enjoyable, though they should've consulted me as there were a few things that I would've done differently [I mean really, Casey can recognise Raph a mile away but Leo's so dim he can't see it? And Raph doesn't say anything about that? Who made this movie?] Saturday saw Brendan's Birthday Dinner Whatsit at the Sake House. That was very enjoyable. The only sad thing about it, is that I ate all the food [except for the one piece I gave to Brendan] and there was no leftovers. Particularly sad since I wanted it yesterday. Yancke was particularly sweet, in that kind of bittersweet way... Button wasn't there, he was off watching Tania fight. Or so I thought. Apparently she has bronchitis and the doctor refused to let her fight. But, she still gets to go to the World Championships in Thailand.

Yesterday I did next to nothing, but sit around and make Lord of the Rings wordsearches. Oh, and there was an awful lot of chemistry... and a slight meltdown in the evening. But these things happen. Things are much better now [it's amazing how much difference simply emailing your supervisor can make]. Button went to the boat show and got very wet, but had a great time. More importantly, he went grocery shopping and there is food for us to eat!


phillygirl said...

Seriously, you went to see TMNT? Surely you can see past the producer's idea of re-vamping now that all of the kiddies who originally watched and remembered it are long past school going age and some probably even have kiddies of their own. What a cunning scheme, I wish I'd thought of it first :)

But seriously, you went to watch it??

akika said...

Yes, we went to see it.
It's not so much that the old show has been revamped, as they've made an actual new show that's actually more in line with the original comic and includes the writer/artist of the comic in the creative process. Or something. If you want details, ask Button. We've been watching the new series [which is so much better than the old one, except for the theme song, which is awful] and the movie is pretty much on the same level - basically the movie is a long, extended episode with different animators or whatever they are.