Friday, 05 October 2007


So, stuff has happened. There was a game, which involved the first round of the duelling competition. Ishie is feeling very smug 'cause Kamenosuke defeated the war hero, or whatever he was. Not much else happened, aside from lots of general chatting and silliness. It's been a month, after all.

Button has been working on funding applications [and will continue to be for a while], which involved working late into the night and waking up really early to do more. In the same room in which I'm trying to sleep. This makes sleeping difficult for me - especially since I need quite a bit more than he does. Lack of sleep makes me cranky... All in all not a brilliant week. But it's weekend now and I only have billions of piles of work to do...

Yesterday I went to see the rheumatologist. Well. It could be worse, I'm sure. So, rather than getting better [or even just staying the same], those of you who've seen me recently might have noticed that it's been getting worse despite what I may say [denial? what's that?]. And it took him about 3 seconds of poking and prodding to figure that out. My left knee [the one that's been sore lately] was warmer than the right, which apparently points to inflammation. The swelling has not reduced anywhere, and in fact, is a bit more pronounced in my fingers. So, I am now taking methotrexate, at a very low dosage, along with folic acid. They come in little pills [about the same size as the pink ones, but flatter], which I am able to swallow. This is the least severe of the conventional drugs, but it means blood tests, blood tests and more blood tests... oh the joy.

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