Wednesday, 31 October 2007


So, today is Halloween, All Saints Eve or Samhain. At least, it's Samhain in the northern hemisphere. Down south it's Beltane, since that's the festival that celebrates Spring and we're heading into that season now. And I must admit that I don't particularly care about any of this. Halloween is Button's favourite holiday [though I must admit that the idea of it being called a 'holiday' is strange to me], and we'll be briefly attending a halloween party this evening, after that thing that's preventing us from joining amy's birthday celebrations. But amy understands and has forgiven me, so it's all okay, even if it does mean I miss out on sushi. But amy and I shall plan for another evening of sushi, with Button and, presumably, the Caretaker. Now if only I could think of a name for her...

Anyway, no doubt there'll be more on that tomorrow, after my exam. I should do some studying, actually. Today looks like it's going to be a long day - we have to head out to blue route to go to the bank, and we're going to stop by a police station and get something signed for Button's latest visa issue. I know he also wants to stop by the american embassy, which is out that way, but I think that would need to be a morning thing, as I think they stop letting people in around twelvish.

Yesterday evening saw the game - it was, as always, fun. I don't know why I bother saying that every week, I just keep repeating myself... Anyway, it was the evening of the young courtier's dinner, arranged by Kamenosuke. The evening went off swimmingly, with Yashamaru delighting both the void kami and the guests with the 'tell the kami all your secrets' game. Some interesting things were revealed. On a completely unrelated note, Nagataka had a vision and needed to meditate upon it and therefore abandoned Ishie, who was supposed to set him alight as part of the evening's entertainment. After some consultation with Kamenosuke and thanks to some delightful ingenuity on the part of Doji Taniko, another spell that 'isn't necessarily dangerous' was used to entertain everyone instead. Though you'd think that Kamenosuke would understand that when Ishie says that something isn't necessarily dangerous, she means that it doesn't have to hurt anyone... Speaking of which, poor Tsumae Ayako is setting herself up for unpleasantness. Although, to be fair, Kamenosuke is probably to blame and Ishie won't actually do anything other than what Kamenosuke specifically asked her to. And if he knowingly does things that might be somewhat compromising, well, he has only himself to blame. Of course, Ishie would never blame him and will always be available should he require her assistance. Though I really did like Waynne's plan with the box of fireworks in the garden. Just give me 3 days to learn that spell and I think we've got a great plan for an 'accidental' death. Speaking of which, we ended the session in the middle of the night, with only Ishie awake to hear the news - Doji Masazumi has been murdered!

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