Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Agasha Ishie

So, Ishie is my character in Adrianna's L5R game. That's Legend of the 5 Rings, for those of you who like your acronyms explained [though if you didn't already know that, I can't imagine that you found it very helpful]. L5R is a roleplaying game set in feudal Japan and is a rather complicated system, I understand. We're using the Window system in the L5R setting. The 5 rings are air, earth, fire, water and void. All very complicated, I know, but it gets more interesting now...

As I said it's a feudal setting, we're all playing samurai, of fairly low status. The samurai are divided into clans, each of which have a number of families and schools in them. There are shugenja [magic-users], bushi [fighters], courtiers [political types] and monks [religious types, or retired samurai]. Ishie is of the Agasha family, in the Phoenix clan. The Agasha tend to be fire shugenja and Ishie is no exception, though she does have quite a strong affinity with earth.

The Agasha were not always part of the Phoenix clan, however. They used to be part of the Dragon clan, but for a number of reasons that I won't go into, most of them transferred to the Phoenix clan. A remnant remained with the Dragon and these are now the Tamori. This has caused some slight issues within the party, as Lucas's character is Tamori Yashamaru. As he's a void shugenja, he trained with the Isawa, a Phoenix family. Other party members include, Togashi Nagataka [Sean], a Dragon monk; Doji Kamenosuke [Simon], a Crane bushi/courtier and Akodo Hideo [Waynne], a Lion bushi. Those of you who have been following the magistrates' adventures in the Katani Valley, will be aware that there is a somewhat special relationship between Kamenosuke and Ishie. Kamenosuke was fostered to the Dragonfly [a minor clan, that essentially are responsible for helping the reclusive and rather cranky Dragon communicate with the rest of Rokugan], shortly before the Lion slaughtered [most of] the Dragonfly, he was sent to the Phoenix Lands to train with the Shiba. The Shiba are bushi that are essentially trained to protect shugenja, and it so happened that Kamenosuke and Ishie spent an awful lot of time training together, became very good friends [virtual family, even] and as a result Kamenosuke is very good when it comes to protecting Ishie. He's also very determined to do that. When she's paying attention, Ishie tends to be quite older-sister-ish and protective of Kamenosuke as well.

And I've gotten completely distracted. So, the Agasha used to be part of the Dragon clan, as such they still retain some rather odd habits. They're known to attempt [and occasionally succeed in] multi-element spellcasting. They're also alchemists - the people who make fireworks and other explosions, though it's somewhat more complicated than that. Now that they are no longer in the Dragon clan, they do wear more clothing, though they still show somewhat more skin than the rest of Rokugan considers decent. And, like the Dragon, they have a thing for tattoos. So, at Ishie's gempukku [coming-of-age], she got a tattoo, which you can see a very bad photograph of. It's on her lower back, so no-one's actually seen it yet, though she keeps meaning to show Kamenosuke a drawing of it. It's essentially two autumn leaves surrounding a flaming mountain. It is possible that at some point there will be a better picture available - one that's clearer, perhaps, or even colourful.

Anyway, we're talking about Ishie - the magistrates have been appointed to investigate strange goings-on in the Katani Valley that may or may not be related to the recent Rain of Blood. It's a joint effort between the Crane, Dragonfly, Phoenix and Dragon. And they're tried really hard to get the Lion involved, which seems to be happening now, since Hideo has joined the party. Given the information above, I'm sure you can imagine that as well as occasional ... disagreements between Ishie and Yashamaru [which don't happen very often, they're both too practical to bother with that sort of nonsense], there is also some tension between Kamenosuke and Hideo. And, really, there's not much more I can say, without discussing things that certain players who may or may not read this may or may not already know...

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