Wednesday, 05 September 2007

rainy rain

I was going to wear my pretty red shoes from chinatown today. I haven't really been able to wear them 'cause one of them was refusing to accept that it was supposed to have a heel attached to it. Eventually I gave up trying to fix it and removed the other heel. So now I can wear them. Unfortunately they are not designed for inclement weather, so I decided not to wear them today. Very smart of me, as it turns out, as I haven't seen this much rain all at once for quite a while.

I didn't make my lecture this morning. I was going to, but then sleep needed to happen. Apparently I slept very deeply [though Button claims that when he came to bed - and had to move me so that he could fit in the bed - I only woke up long enough to tell him that I hadn't fallen asleep yet. I don't remember this and have no idea whether or not it's true], and sometimes when that happens I really just can't wake up until I've slept enough. Which was apparently until just before eight, this morning. On the other hand I feel really good now.

Button and I went shopping last night. We had to buy him some shiny black shoes to match his suit 'cause he has to go to a funeral today. We also ended up going out for supper [again] as we were starving and not nearly ready to head home to our empty fridge. We did a little bit of grocery shopping so that we could eat breakfast this morning [pasta leftovers make a great breakfast before 7am, fish not so much]. There were a few heart stopping moments when our cart [with Button's shiny new shoes, et al.] disappeared. Luckily the people behind us had just taken the wrong one - obviously the most distinguishing characteristic of their cart was the screaming child in it and now that they'd let it out, they couldn't tell which was theirs anymore. Or something...

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