Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Happy to be alive

Right, well, I had a meeting with JS, which resulted in me having a working mill. This is very happy news. The mill I was using is being made to work, as well as an even older mill than the old mill that I'm currently using. Hopefully the new mill model has found a way to solve the problems of both previous models. Hopefully. The point, however, is that the mill worked! I milled Wendell and he stayed in his tube, there was no leaking! This makes me very happy!

On my way home I found another reason to be very happy. I left uct, just in time for a shuttle to hiddingh, which was good as it was getting quite cold and miserable. The shuttle arrived at hiddingh without incident. So I started walking to the car, so I could pick button up from sahra. Three or four steps before I turned the corner out of hiddingh, there was an accident. And I'm very grateful that I wasn't walking faster. I was taking my time, daydreaming along slowly. There was hooting, squealing brakes and the black car hit the white car and skidded across right in front of me [and another white car, which escaped] and hit the railing and came to a stop. Had I been walking just a little bit faster, the car would probably have hit me as well. But I wasn't, and I'm very happy about that. So, by the time I got to button I was a little upset. And it took a good long while to get there 'cause I walked all the way. Why did I walk all the way instead of phoning him and telling him to meet me at the car, or something? Well, I left my phone at home yesterday. And I didn't think to borrow someone's, or head down to the museum and use a phone here...

In the evening, Button and I met Mom and Dad for supper at Mano's. It was very nice. They only take lunchtime bookings, which suggests that it's much busier for lunch than supper. But the food was excellent and there was a lovely atmosphere. While the restaurant wasn't empty, there still weren't that many people there - under ten tables. The windows above the doors, etc, are beautiful and there was a fantastic rain storm going on outside.

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