Monday, 27 August 2007

what a weekend

So, the weekend happened. On Friday, Button and I went to see La Rondine at the Baxter. The evening started out ... interesting. We went in and went to where our seats should have been. I say shoudl have been because the seats were not there. They had been removed to make way for a camera. Presumably there's a reason that the seats were still being sold, but I don't know what it was. We went off to the manager, who got us some other seats, from which we couldn't quite see the stage properly. Luckily there were some empty seats near us, so we took them instead. As for the opera itself... It wasn't brilliant, but it was okay. The performances were good - some of the performances were quite lovely, but the opera itself was lacking.

On Saturday we went shopping - I needed more teflon tape, some warm tops [I know it's the end of winter, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still cold and don't really have any nice warm clothes anyway] and some other things that I don't recall. Mission accomplished, we went home. Button headed off to his meeting in Khayelitsha, I lay on the couch and read my book. Eventually he came home, shortly after which I left for the LARP and he was picked up by a friend to go see a movie.

The LARP [Chrysalids: Celebration] was, as usual, fun. My character has become a lot more frail with the passage of time. She went into the LARP upset and she came out with a new feud - very important since she's no longer fighting with the Barnes' family. She fell down the stairs, after seeing some people in black rushing across the square - later she found out that they had stolen one of her grandchildren.

Yesterday, there was the last game before Simon and Adrianna head off to Poland. It was very exciting. We were at a party, the trickster spirits had arrived and decided there needed to be more 'fun'. Luckily, this caused Nagataka to spot the fox mask wearing individual. Who we followed into the basement. He/she admitted to being tainted, refused to turn themselves over to the people who deal with these sorts of things. So we attacked. We killed one henchman, it killed the other henchman and then turned itself into some sort of oil and floated away on the stream. After we attacked it, despite the fact that we met them without weapons. Of course, shugenja and monks don't need weapons, but Kamenosuke and Hideo were at a distinct disadvantage. I would've done something to assist Kamenosuke, of course, but he was managing just fine and I was having too much fun with Jade Strike [look at the pretty green light].

This morning, I have a meeting with my supervisor. I have to tell her that my entire 'pure' sample is now on the bottom of the mill and now contaminated with teflon tape. Stupid mill. And I wrote my first review for what am I reading.

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