Monday, 13 August 2007

My name is ... uh ... which one is this?

So, Dragonfire happened. Yay for Dragonfire! Who needs to be able to remember their name. Or anyone else's, when you've got Lara the LARP-nazi running around saying things like "no name-tags" and "no character sheets"... it's not like you've been spending the weekend changing your name every couple of hours. It was lots of fun though, and luckily Lara's sensible enough to give people normal names and have there not be too many people, so that it's not so hard to remember who they are. And so what if you forget the name of the person you just met - it's kind of like real life, isn't it?
And, I've got dice :) They're pretty.

So, that was my weekend. Aside from that, I've done very little that isn't actually work in the last week.

And this morning, I saw my very first dead person. At least, I think it was a dead person. There was an accident on the M3, which must have happened shortly before I arrived in the shuttle, as the ambulance hadn't reached it yet. From the looks of it, a pedestrian had been hit. At the very least, there were no cars stopped and just one person lying in the road. The reason that I'm presuming they're dead is that no-one was fussing around them as people tend to do with injured types. Possibly the police were just unable to do anything for the person, who may just have been unconscious, but there was rather a lot of wet road between the person and the rather wet gutter... But possibly if the person had actually been dead, the police would have found something to cover them with. Or one could argue that if the person had been alive they would have tried to put something on it to keep them warm. It's hard to be sure in either direction. The ambulance got there at about the same time the shuttle reached upper campus, I know 'cause I heard it.

In other news, Wendell should be finished defatting and I should now be able to start milling him. Lucky me.

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