Monday, 20 August 2007

donig a happy dance

Not literally, of course, though I'm sure my fellow grad students would understand. I am celebrating what seems to be a minor miracle. There I was hiding away from the mill, as I did not want to come back to it and find the rest of Wendall scattered on the bottom of the mill. Again. When I finally plucked up the courage to go back and have a look I found that, yes, some of the sample has leaked. However, the cylinder has remained closed - which means that I have yet more 'pure' Wendall powder!
While that may not seem very exciting to you, I assure you that I am very excited.

In other news, the car has finally gone in for repair! Yay! Today's the 20th. They estimate it should be finished by the 28th. Isn't that encouraging. I'd hate to know how long [and how expensive] it would've been if I hadn't been stopped or if the guy in question had been going faster than a couple of kilometers an hour...

Over the weekend I had flu, and so did as little as possible. I went to my grandmother's 83rd birthday party yesterday. It was fun, there was an overabundance of cake and lots of familial stuff.

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