Monday, 06 August 2007

already August

Time is moving so quickly! It's coming up for Dragonfire already. Next thing you know, the belly show will be over and I'll be writing an exam and it'll be the end of the year and I'll be going "where's my data?"...

Anyway, chemistry classes have been happening. The first week was a basic introduction to the required stats that we need. Which is good. And tomorrow there's a tut, which is better. There's an assignment due for friday and I don't really know what the questions are. I know what we're supposed to do - but what do you want us to tell you? the class is nice though, and we're starting to get to know each other since there are so few of us. For last weeks prac we did a intro to presenting thing, apparently we're going to have to do a presentation at the end of the course and this was a chance to see what it's like. I'm so glad I've had plenty of experience at this.

Then there is my 'get to bed early' plan. It's not happening. My social life is too hectic... Wednesdays is yoga, thursdays is belly... last friday, I did nothing and was very glad. Saturday I got a yoga mat, so now I can do it at home [if I ever am both at home and have the time] and I don't have to use the stinky ones at the gym. And it's a pretty yoga mat. Then Button and I had supper with my parents. It was nice.

Yesterday was not a fun day. After too little sleep, I woke up feeling less than my best. Much less. But off we went to find Wombat and head out to Die Strandloper in Langebaan for a general birthday celebration [well, two birthday celebrations]. The drive sucked 'casue I felt awful and couldn't get comfortable enough to actually sleep. Then we arrived and after some food and something to drink I felt a bit better. I was a little off the whole day, but the food was wonderful, the setting was brilliant and the company was better than both.

After that, Wombat and I and one or two other people descended on Sidrianna, to playtest a module for Dragonfire. Due to a number of circumstances, one of the playtesters had to leave and then I had to go [someone requires a set amount of sleep, if she doesn't get it, she gets really cranky and that's a bad place for her to be in, so she tried to avoid that], Wombat was getting a lift with me, so he needed to go... So we are reconvening this evening, to finish off. Which is good 'cause it was fun and I want to know what happens.

In other news, my first real sample [Wendall], is being defatted at the moment. It's been cut into small pieces, to make the defatting more effective. Hopefully I'll be milling next week and have my next sample being defatted. Unfortunately, I need quite a lot of powder from these bones and I think some of my samples are a bit small to provide them...

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