Friday, 20 July 2007

Shimmy, shimmy, shimmy, pop

So... stuff has happened...

The car has been assessed. Yay! Now it just needs to be approved and then I can be carless for a week and a half or so while it gets fixed. Won't that be fun.

I went to dancing. And learnt that TL had hurt her knee, had to have a knee-operation and can't dance for THREE MONTHS! Poor T. So now she can't be in the show, which is a pity. But the show will go on, she sent out the poster today, which I'm putting here so that everyone can see it. Rumour has it that all the dancers are going to get tickets to sell, so you can probably get some from me if you want them.

I also went to yoga - where are our usual teachers? Why aren't they around? I liked them, they taught regularly and were good at it. Now we're having a string of "I haven't
taught in ages/very/often/at all" and the entire class seems to be based around what they like to do and are capable of, as opposed to those of us taking the class.

On Tuesday, there was the game. Now, do I remember what happened? One of the thigns that happened is that WH is going to be busy on Tuesday nights until Hodgestar and Confluence go to Poland... so we're going to be playing on Sundays until then, excepting Dargonfire and the week before.
Anyway, there we were having a discussion about how to proceed with our investigation, with Yashamaru and Kamenosuke failing to communicate properly... Off we went to question some guy, who was almost rude [not a good plan if you're a ronin and Hideo is around ... he might kill you for it]. There was some kind of commotion outside, just as we finished the ... interrogation. We went outside to find the square filled with hysterical geisha. It turns out that there was a trickster spirit in the geisha house, which they all thought was a goblin. It was looking for its orange-thing ... the fox mask we're also interested in finding. Then, there was another one in the bookshop... Nagataka and I narrowly managed to avert disaster as another one tried to light an enormous pile of fireworks. We managed to get them all to congregate in the Running Fox Inn, where a less-than-reliable ronin/bandit was on hand to tell them about when he saw the fox-mask. And then we talked them into going home - we'll light some fireworks if we need them to return. And then ... we sat around discussing the next step in our investigation again.

And that's been my week so far. This morning I went off to SAHRA with Button. I had to deliver a report [or three] to ML for MP. Apparently someone broke into SAHRA last night and tried to steal a radio, but failed. Poor ML had to come through from Somerset West to reset the alarm. From there it was off to Heritage Western Cape to deliver another report for MP - this one to NN. Then I foudn my way back to Hiddingh so I could get through to UCT on a really dismal day, when I have very little to do here.

This weekend is fairly fully booked with nothing tonight [yay, nothing!], yoga in the morning [assuming I can drag myself out of bed], an archaeological get-together at A&A's in the evening, with the possibility of trundling off to Stones afterwards, to say goodbye to the Purple-Polka-dotted-Panda, depending on how late the archaeologists stay up... Sunday will probably involve a trip to the market, depending on the weather, followed by roleplaying in the evening...

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