Wednesday, 04 July 2007

Napoleon Green

So, the game last night. Lucas was not there, despite being in the country. He'd had some horrendous delay and arrived late and was not pleased about it. The game went smoothly otherwise. I almost got away from Kamenosuke, but then Nagataka insisted that I wake him. So off we went to the fire, which got swiftly out of hand [the situation, not the fire. The fire was put out around the same time that I arrived on scene]. Hideo felt the need to kill a number of ronin [a bandit that attacked him while he was delirious in particular], but managed to restrain himself. Kameosuke doesn't know that I tried to go without him, so it's okay.
I tried to convince my father to talk to Kamenosuke, but he didn't seem particularly inclined to do so. Perhaps if Kamenosuke is around to plead his own case next time he puts in an appearance, things will go better. He also tried to warn me about a number of things, including another shugenja, who both Kamenosuke and myself quite like. And then Masezumi essentially told us that his son is unreliable and has been forced into letting us investigate matters around the fire. And I got to cast spells on Nagataka for his 'enlightenment'. All in all it was a good evening.

Today I found an old school friend on facebook who is now married. Having spent most of high school trying to get her to pass maths, she's now teaching it! It turns out that when she actually bothers to interest herself in the matter, she's actually pretty good at it. I can't say I'm surprised.

Otherwise, it's back to work as usual. Yesterday I was quite excited when I found a maxilla [upper jaw] with 17 teeth. There's a researcher at the museum at the moment who's interested in teeth [WK], but she wasn't around when I found it - it's on her list anyway, but I thought she'd be particularly interested, as the jaw should only have 16 teeth. I think it's a case of a deciduous tooth still being in the jaw, though it didn't look like mixed dentition overall. Of course, I'm not the expert.

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