Monday, 16 July 2007


It is a lovely warm, summery day in the middle of winter in cape town. Some might say that this is because cape town's weather is unpredictable at the best of times, but they're wrong. It's because Button is back and the city is celebrating. And even if it's not, I am.

The airport stole his bag, but then told him that barring any strange occurrences they should be able to get it to us today... Then they phoned at 9 this morning to tell us that they'd have it to us by 10. It turns out that they actually meant 12, but the point is that it arrived!

Otherwise, the car is going to see an assessor this week, so progress is being made, if slowly.

The weekend happened. It was fun. On Friday I went with Conrad, Wombat and Dave Sharpe, to Lara and Dave's and we watched Doctor Who. It was cool. On Saturday I saw Dave Sharpe again, this time at Simon and Adrianna's, where Neil was also in attendance. We played games and sat around talking till far too late... but it was fun.

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Lucas said...

it seems that airports are no longer able to load all the bags from one flight onto the relevant airplane. i lost a bag coming back from london and a bag was lost coming back from icon. this really is quite ridiculous