Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Dull and Dreary

It's a dull and dreary day in Cape Town. Dismal, even. There's apparently supposed to be a front moving through sometime today. Leaving us with [hopefully] clear weather for the trip to Yzerfontein tomorrow. At the very least, it should be clear up at the site.

In other news, there was a game last night. It was fun... Having been told to investigate the fire, we set about doing that. We started by talking to the man behind it all, and then getting some interesting information out of his daughter, who is set on being a magistrate, much to her parents' horror. Then, Kamenosuke went off to sit around being confused, I gather, while the three of us headed into town to do some investigating. We went off to meet with Kamenosuke and discuss what we'd learnt, when Yashamaru returned from wherever he'd been. Kamenosuke and Hideo then went into town to keep an eye on Hideo's uncle and his betrothed, while Yashamaru, Nagataka and I went to speak to a rather cranky Isawa ishiken. After that I tried to explain some stuff to Yashamaru, but was swiftly distracted by his introducing some interesting magical theory stuff. In the end, it wasn't necessary, but it was an interesting discussion, by the end of which Ishie had forgotten what it was they'd been talking about in the first place...

There were other things, but they weren't as interesting.

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