Tuesday, 08 May 2007

We're Not Exactly Strangers, But We're Not Exactly Friends

It's particularly worrisome when the song that seems to describe your feelings is country music. Not that I have anything against country music, quite the contrary actually. I'm rather fond of whiny female singing and country music is full of it...

Anyway, I'm at the museum today, and very sore. I brought my heating pad with me and it's helping. I've been doing quite a bit of typing which seems to be helping my hands this morning. Sadly that's not necessarily reliable... But it's working at the moment, aside from the occasional twinge, so I'm not going to complain. On to more pressing matters... I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I started choking and the giant rugby ball ... and then instead of coming back up as it tends to do, I swallowed it! In addition to which, I'd already swallowed all the others! I was very surprised as my previous experience with pill-swallowing-attempts is that this never happens.

Work is going slowly, but that's okay since I usually work rather quickly, according to my boss at any rate. Besides which, I explained everything to her, so she's understanding.

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