Wednesday, 16 May 2007

stench of poison...

It's been a while... I've been very busy...

We had the game last night, which was great. We got rid of the tainted courtesan [yay]. We got a letter that at least two of us were very upset to discover was not for Kamenosuke, but myself. While the news wasn't quite as awful as I presumed it would be, it comes pretty close... Fun was had by all.

Tonight, Button and I are going to our first yoga class. I'm quite excited. I expect it to have a huge effect on my aching joints... And I'm sure it will eventually.

Button and I went out on Friday with a whole bunch of people, it was fun. They know who they are and I'm not in the mood to think up silly names for all of them... We saw Tosca on saturday - it was very good.

Getting to UCT this morning, to discover mould growing in my bone powder did nothing to help my mood. I got rid of it [and hopefully it will stay gone] and am now messing about with poisonous chemicals. They stink, and the hand cream doesn't disguise the smell [I think that's because it's on my lab coat, not my hands ... I certainly hope so 'cause I was wearing gloves and they're very poisonous!] I took all the precautions that you're supposed to though, so I don't expect any problems.

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