Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Go away world.

I spent last night roleplaying. I spent a lot longer roleplaying than I should have [and naughty Button was in the bath when I got home at some unearthly hour of the morning!] I stayed so late 'cause I was really enjoying it. So having the real world intruding into my life right now is not pleasant.

So, things to remember:
Everything happens for a reason.
Everything will turn out for the best.
There is a lesson to be learnt in everything.
Stop bloody worrying about it, there's nothing you can do anyway.

If you have any ... useful suggestions along the same lines, feel free to let me know.

The game was lots of fun though! Hideo's uncle arrived [and Sean wrote his name on one of his index cards, with Hideos Uncle in brackets beside it. Everytime I saw it I thought it said 'hideous uncle']. Nagataka and I went rock hunting [it was great!]. We went to listen to a story teller, with a rather curious resemblance to Kamenosuke. Kamenosuke and I arranged for Keiko's swords to be boxed. And then Kamenosuke suggested that Keiko should interact with the swords on a more physical level. Let's just hope no one ever asks me 'cause I can't lie and then bad things would happen.
Came no closer to finding my sister. Kamenosuke suggested I look around for someone to marry and then inform my family so that I wouldn't have to marry some strange Isawa. It's certainly an idea I'm willing to consider... But then things might start getting complicated. It would have to be a Phoenix [unless you'd like to explain to my dead father why his 'favourite' daughter is marrying someone from another clan]... where am I going to find an available Phoenix male at winter court in the Katani Valley? I don't know, but I'm sure Kamenosuke will think of something, while we try to save him from having to marry a Lion...

Otherwise, I am having my usual Wednesday. Not enough sleep, so cranky. Too much to do, so extra cranky. Things to deal with, so overly cranky. Yoga tonight though, so that's good. I like yoga. It's one of my favourite things to do... Particularly since it doesn't involve interacting with other people.


Lucas said...

it sounds like you need a hug, the best i can offer is: *hug*

Simon said...

Why would someone asking about Kaeko and the swords be a problem? She's a samurai.

Lucas said...

i think the problem is that not everyone knows that she is. someone might mistake her for a peasant, or a geisha. anyone doing this would obviously be mistaken, but people can make mistakes when they don't know all the details

akika said...

you think she's a samurai. I think she's a samurai. We want other people to think she's a samurai. We do not want people to go "she did what? Before she was technically a samurai?" and then killing her. Which would make our lives difficult again...
Lucas is correct. Things could go badly. In retrospect, Kamenosuke and Ishie should have decided that Ishie should have waited outside and not been able to say exactly what happened.
Of course, it would never occur to Kamenosuke 'cause he *wouldn't* lie ... he'd just do some sneaky courtier evasion thing

Anonymous said...

Hah! I'm commenting.

Well, you know, we're around if you need us.

And we are legion of course.

With regards to Keiko, her samurai status isn't confirmed yet as far as i can remember? And we're only going to find out at winter court?

And, well, alot of this is open to "interpretation". :/

Let's play this one cautiously.

- S