Wednesday, 30 May 2007


Over the weekend, Button was sick. Really sick. I was a little sick too, but nowhere near as sick. We were hopeful that that was it and I wouldn't get what he had. Only, this morning I woke up ... and then wished I hadn't. I started feeling particularly icky last night, but I went to the game anyway [and a damn good thing I did, but more on that later...] This morning I feel rather awful, but Button assures me that there's another day or two to go before it gets really bad. Thanks.

As for yesterday's game - it was a good thing I went. Since Simon and I were the only players present. So Kamenosuke and Ishie did stuff, and set off for winter court ... Kamenosuke managed to make everything very awkward, and then made everything better again ["So, I hear you're the one responsible for practically wiping out the people I was fostered to" "Uh..."], Ishie experimented with a multi-element spell, while keeping an eye on Kamenosuke [does he really think she'll let him go down to the river alone when there are women looking at him like that?] And Ishie had a few very nice conversations...
She spoke to Nagataka about rocks ... Nagataka appeared a little dazed, but no doubt appreciated being enlightened on a topic he knew so little about, she spoke to her father about how she should marry an Agasha [note, he said Agasha, NOT Isawa, Agasha!]. She had a very illuminating chat with Sedami about gemstones, while Kamenosuke was making things awkward. And in the middle of it all, no one was attacked, killed or died. A good session :)

And then, Simon and Adrianna tried to hold me hostage and feed me tea. I declined, however, as it was latish [and it certainly would have been if I'd let them keep me there and feed me tea!], and I wanted to go home and go to bed. And I felt a little icky. Not as bad as this morning though...

And... I don't have very much else to say, except that I want my bed now... Sleepy.

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