Thursday, 26 April 2007

Wet day in Cape Town

Happy Birthday Philly!

So, today is my sister's 27th birthday. Mommy dearest is going up to Joburg to visit, it being a long weekend and all. They have a very busy weekend ahead of them. So do I...

Anyway, last night Button and I had the parentals over for supper, it was nice. Even if I had to cook, it was nice. And the food was all edible [even nice, except for that little bit of burnt mushroom I had], so it was good.

Now, since Phil asked, I'm sure others are wondering. As most of you know, the old GPS [Green Point Stadium] is being torn down and an enormous new one being built in its place. According to information found in the archives, a number of burial grounds were supposed to have stretched across the area that is currently being developed [at the golf course, across the road from the old stadium]. Mary Patrick did some testing there, as part of the archaeological impact assesment and found that the bedrock is less than a metre beneath the surface. This suggests that the area was not used for the proposed burial grounds. So, the building has gone ahead. However, just in case there is something there [you can't test the entire area - that's why it's called a test], there is an archaeologist on site or visiting the site every day. So Tuesday was my day. There will be more days in the future, when they get back to working on areas that need archaeological monitoring. Currently they are working beneath the bedrock, where there should not be archaeology.

So that's what that meant yesterday. And now, I'm going to go back to work, 'cause I'm at the museum and there's work to be done. Of course, I'm not in my office at the moment 'cause they're painting it right now. Which is much better than them painting it the day before I'm going to be working. This way it will dry and the smell wil go away over the weekend.

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