Thursday, 19 April 2007

long week so far

So... where was I? There never seems to be enough time for this sort of thing anymore. Of course, since I currently feel like I just crawled out from underneath a very damp and dirty rock, I should probably be at home in bed, not here at UCT.

On Tuesday there was no game. Disappointing, yes, but really for the best - Adrianna was sick and couldn't talk and Button was in need of care and attention. I was in need of sleep, but we can't all have what we want all the time. And I get plenty as it is.

Yesterday I was hard at work at the museum. Very busy with the boxes, though I don't feel like I did much work. Even though when I look at the number of boxes it is a lot, it doesn't feel like much. I guess it's not the most strenuous/stressful of jobs ... until you've got something in your eye and it's itching like mad but your hands are covered in bone dust.
Although, I will say that the tearing down of the next door building is causing much dust and the painting of the museum is causing much headachiness and sore noses from the smell. That is stressful. Or, at least, unpleasant.

I left a little early as mom wanted to go visit Gummy in his new old age home. It's a really nice place and the people seemed friendly enough. He was much chattier than he usually is. He's got a nice room and despite being initially unimpressed by the food, he did enjoy yesterday's lunch.

Today was JS's birthday, so Katharine and I were ordered/bribed with cake to go to the departmental morning tea. It's not smart to not do something when your supervisor says "you really should join us"... possibly we should put in more regular appearances...


phillygirl said...

Yay a normal sensical post that even I could understand! It's fabulous :) Hope you feel better Peeby!

akika said...

I'm glad you approve. I'd feel a lot better if I wasn't marking rubbish... the things these people come up with!

Lucas said...

i wouldn't complain too loudly about the quality of what you are marking, it can't be nearly as bad as what beth was marking last month