Monday, 16 April 2007

Oh Happy Day!

So, on Friday I taped up my tubes with large amounts of tape in every possible place I could think of ... and then milled them for only five minutes. And it worked! There is very little on the bottom of the mill and what is there is just as likely to be disintegrated tape, as leaked bone. And there's too little for me to be able to tell. It's so exciting! Of course, it will quickly become tedious if I can only run the tubes for 5 minutes at a time... But at the moment I'm happy about it! I'd be a little happier if I was in less pain - I want to do more milling, which I can't do at the moment 'cause I'm in too much pain to haul LN back and forth between here and Geology. This sucks.

On Friday, Button and I went to see Miss Potter. Yes, it was overly sweet and sugary, but I enjoyed it anyway. I don't think it deserved to be called horrific, but at the same time I suspect that there are few people I know who would also enjoy it. Button seemed to like it though.

Sunday saw shopping get done - I bought my darling sister a birthday present. Lucky her. Then, WombatBoy came to visit. That was fun, we chatted a lot about stuff that we had to chat about. I enjoyed it, I think he did too.

Today, there is a field trip. We're taking the little tutlings to Peers Cave [and will be tomorrow, Thursday and Friday as well]. It's going to be somewhat fun, but not entirely overly fun. I expect to enjoy myself, however.

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